The time is now!

Our goal is to built the next generation of collaboration platform. We believe that everyone should be able to use the apps that make them most productive but be able to collaborate with others.

Right now we have a small team but our work culture is already diverse. We believe that diversity makes us smarter, so we are not hiring for “culture fit”. For us there is no clear distinction between fronted and backend. We are always trying to explore new approaches and directions so sometimes we have to “learn by doing”. The most important thing for our team is to have a good time working on a meaningful project. Don’t hesitate and ping us at and let us buy you a beer or coffee.

Right now we are located in Bratislava and Prague but we are open to remote work. You should be big fan of at least a few of these: python, javascript, redis, elasticsearch, django, nginx, functional programming, clojure, postgresql, redux, functional UI, clojurescript, go, UX, reactjs and last but not least testing.

To apply just write something about you to