Discover your amazing superpowers!

Watch this quick tutorial to learn more

Open Cloudo with

For Chrome users: There’s probably a conflict in your keyboard shortcuts.
You can fix this by going to Settings > Extensions > Keyboard shortcuts at the bottom of the screen
and changing the keyboard shortcut for Cloudo.

A sneak peak at your superpowers

/connect to add all your apps

Type /connect and you will see a list of available apps.

Just type to search everything

Start typing to search across all your connected apps.

/ for command center

Type / to see a list of available commands. Type command name for fast access.

/today to see what’s coming up

Type /today to see a list of your tasks for today from Asana & Todoist

/new to create a new item

Type /new to create a new task in Asana & Todoist or a new Google Doc

/launch to open an app

Type /launch and name of app to open it.

/browse to browse stuff inside apps

Type /browse your Dropbox & Drive folders, notes in Evernote and more

/settings to access your account details

Type /settings to see all your connected accounts and your profile details.

/recent to see your most recent stuff

Type /recent to see your recent files, notes, tasks and more.

/[service] to find out what you can do

Example: Type /dropbox to see all available commands for Dropbox.